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It's not nice to Fool Mother Nature!  Woman to Cow TF 1    


Replay that again will you Doctor?

Yes Doctor … Petra hit the replay button once more.  Then several more times over the next hour as they both sat and watched as a lab technician readies a small syringe with a clear liquid, and then injects into the rear end of a very scrawny-looking Cow.  They watch the technician stand back a few paces from the Cow and continue to take notes as the transformation begins.  The Cow slowly starts to fill out, and her skin looks wealthier.  Then they notice that her Udder is turning a healthier shade of pink, and that she is now holding herself taller than she did before the injection.

The video on the large monitor ended again, and the Lab Director slowly sat back into his chair.  

Are the results the same each time?

Yes Doctor. Petra grins.   We have repeated this test 10 times on 10 different types of Cows that were all healthy, but in poor condition.   The formula worked 100% each and every time.

OK, are we ready for production?

Yes Doctor.

Excellent.  I'm giving the order to proceed.

An excellent job their Petra … he shakes her hand.

Thank you Dr. Drake

Petra, I want you to go around to all of the farms in the state tomorrow and show their directors what our product can do for their bank accounts.

I will leave tonight Dr.

Good, very good.  Have a safe drive he says as she leaves his office.

Petra returned to her office and packed up what she would need for the weekend, then returned home.

Petra's 18-year-old daughter Amy was their waiting for her when she returned home.

Hi mom, how was the meeting with Dr. Drake?

It went marvelous Amy!  We go into full production tomorrow!

Wow!  He must have loved that video of the last test then?

He sure did kido!  Now I have to pack for this weekends sales pitch to the directors of the states dairy farms … OK?

Sure mom, we'll stay out of you're hair.

Thanks girls.

Am's, what this about a video and tests?

My mom's been working on some kind of formula that the farms can use on their older Cows to help improve their health and mild producing abilities … wana see the test video?

Both girls said sure!  As Amy went over to her mother's briefcase and opened it.  Inside she found several DVD copies of the test, and an entire case of the formula in small boxes.  She removed one box to show her friends Marlene and Zilvara, and closed the briefcase.

Walking over to the DVD player, Amy heard her mother coming down the stairs, so she quickly hid the DVD and box near the monitor and turned to greet her mother.

When are you coming back?

Sunday night dear.   Petra grabbed her stuff of the table and was heading for the door, as she turned to her daughter.  

You behave you're self-young lady … be inside this house by 10 PM each night, and no parties … you understand me?

"Yes mother" Amy replied

Good, now have a nice time girls she said as she closed the door behind of her.

The girls heard he drive off.

Damn Am's … 10 Pm? Marlene was saying.  My mother lets me stay out till almost midnight on weekends!

My mother does not care what time I'm in by Zilvara said.

She's been like this ever since dad died … I'm used to it … Amy was saying as she retrieved the DVD and box she had just hid.   Placing the DVD in the player, and bringing the box over to the sofa, Amy hit the play button.

The girls sat, and watched in fascination as the Lab Technician injected the Cow with a small syringe, and the resulting transformation progress.

Marlene looked horrified at what she saw happening to the Cow!  What the fuck did you're mother make that shit for Am's?

What do you mean?   The company she works for has done allot good things for the farms around the state with the formula's they have produced!   Just because you're parents use natural remedies and natural grazing practices, does not mean that the other dairy farms can't use science at their farms?  Amy said to Marlene.   Zilvara's parents use some of their products.

Hey, my parents stopped using those shots on our Cows some time ago Amy Zilvara said.

Yea, what you're mother's company is making is just not right Am's We can't keep trying to fool Mother Nature with the crap you're mother makes!

Whoa … cool down guys!  She knows what she is doing … she's trying to help.

Some help! Marlene retorted.

Zilvara had opened the box and had removed the small syringe, and was holding it up for Marlene to see.

Marlene reached out for it, and held it in her open palm.   Marlene continued to stare at Amy … 18 years old, with a slight figure, small B sized breasts … and geekie looking glasses.   Her rage filled her until she could stand it no more … she snapped!

Amy had walked back over to the DVD player and had her back turned to Marlene as she was removing the Video.

Marlene saw that Amy was wearing a short skirt, and made her move.   Walking up behind of Amy, she thrust the syringe into Amy's right Ass Cheek, and injected the entire contents into her before Amy could do a thing.

What the hell did you do that for? Amy demanded, as she rubbed the injection site with her right hand.

Lets see if you and you're mother like its results also!  Marlene yelled, as both she and Zilvara slammed the door as they left.

Shit!  I'm bleeding! Amy cried as she ran up stairs to her bedroom, and stripped off her skirt.  She quickly ran to the bathroom, and inspected herself in the full-length mirror.

Amy turned her right side to the mirror and could see a black & blue burse where Marlene had stuck her with the syringe.  A small trickle of blood was leaking from the spot.

Damn that bitch! Amy cried as she was cleaning off the drying blood.  Thankfully those shots were meant for Cows, and not humans.   

Amy inspected herself for a few minutes, and finding nothing further, decided to get dressed.  Moving back into her bedroom, she decided upon a short gray skirt & purple blouse.   Returning downstairs she decided not to call the police and would wait until her mother returned home on Sunday to tell her about what had happened.

Other than a slight tingling in her rear, everything appeared to be ok … she just passed it off as part of the B&B burse she saw.

Through out the rest of Friday, her cloths started to feel a little tight … her hips were feeling a little wider, and her ass was starting to fill out.   At first Amy was a little concerned that this might be some kind of side effect from the shot.  But as her figure appeared to be filling out nicely, she was silently pleased at the same time.

I wonder if I can fit into any of mom's cloths now? Amy was saying as she looked through her mother's closet … pulling out a few pairs of jeans, Amy went over and set them down on the bed.  Amy took off her skirt, and slid into the jeans … WOW! She yelled.  They fit me now … Yes!  Amy ran over to the mirror and was examining her new figure.

While Amy was busy trying on cloths, she noticed that her 34B-sized bra was starting to feel tight.  I don't believe it … my breasts are growing also?   As she watched in wonder, he breasts were growing larger right before her eyes.   YES! She squealed.  Tom is really going to notice me now!

Marlene & Zilvara … eat you're hearts out now you bitch's … I have larger breasts than you do! She yelled into the mirror.

Amy walked back to her mother's dresser and pulled out a one of her mother's 36D bras, and put it on in front of the mirror.   

DAMN! … It almost fits me now! Amy was saying as she turned first left, then right.

The clock on the wall started to chime 5pm

Damn, I almost forgot to check on the Cows!

Amy quickly picked out some of her mother's cloths and ran back to her room to get dressed.

Amy loved the look and feel of her new figure as she walked towards the large barn outback of their home.  Walking into the barn, she checked each of their 18 Cows … making sure they all had fresh hay and clean water in their stalls.   Each one of the Cows seemed to pay allot more attention to her as she passed them … sniffing her stronger than they had ever done before.

OK girls … good night Amy said as she left the barn.   Amy now walked over to the two large pens where they kept two large black bulls.   Stopping first to check out Ben's water troth, and then to add fresh hay … Amy noticed something different in the air … a slightly different odor that was strongly attractive.  Shaking her head, Amy continued towards Jerry's pen.  Reaching Jerry's pen, she checked the water in his troth and added fresh hay.

Amy again noticed the same odor, but it was stronger here than over by Ben.  That is really strange?  I have never noticed that smell out here before?

As Amy stood there next to Jerry's pen, she was really becoming aroused by the strange smell … she started to become light headed and her breathing became heavier.

As Amy stood transfixed by her arousal, she was failing to notice that Jerry was slowly approaching her as she stood next to the rail of his pen.

Amy was badly startled by a loud snort from Jerry, and jumped wildly back from the fence.

Damn it Jerry … don't scare me like that! She yelled   only then did Amy notice that Jerry's penis was hanging out of its sheath.  Yuck! As if! Amy screamed at Jerry, and quickly walked back to the house.

Once safe inside the kitchen, Amy leaned against the sink and put one hand to her head … she was badly shaken by the sudden scare Jerry had given her … but she was also confused and troubled by the intense sexual arousal she had experienced while she was out near the bullpens.

She was going to fix some dinner, but she was starting to feel nauseas in her stomach and had a headache coming on.  So she decided to take a warm shower and hit bed early.

Up in her bedroom, she undressed and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.   Checking her new figure in the mirror, Amy could still see the burse on her ass.  Damn, it's getting larger! She said, and then stepped into the warm shower.

The warm water felt really good against her skin, but her skin felt slightly different as she washed.   Her skin looked the same?

After she dried off, she put on a nightgown, and hopped into bed.   While she lay there in bed, she could hear the Cows in the barn, and both of the bulls out in their pens.  This reminded her about that strange odor she had smelt earlier.  She tried to see if she could still smell it on the air, but the wind seemed to be blowing in the other direction now.  She decided to ask her mother about it when she returned home Sunday, and quickly fell asleep.

During the night, the wind shifted direction, and Amy was again being strongly sexually aroused by the pheromones from the two bulls that was being carried on the winds.

Amy awoke Saturday morning to the worst headache she had ever had!

OMG she moaned … as she rubbed her temples.

Trying to sit up in her bed was even more difficult … why are my breasts so heavy? She wondered?

Finally sitting up right in bead she found her answer.  Her mother's 36D bra had snapped during the night, and she sat there staring at two very large breasts that were hanging off of her chest.

WTF? She cried out, as she tried to lift them with her two hands.   Not only were they very large, but they had also swelled in size as well.  Her nipples had also grown longer and larger!

Shit, they almost look like Cow Teats! She said.

With the bra strap snapped, Amy had no choice but to let them hang upon her chest with no means of supporting them.

Damn these things are really heavy! She said as she carefully walked over to the mirror.  Once at the mirror, she was shocked even more to find that her hip's and ass had also ballooned out during the night.

What the hell am I going to tell mom? She cried.

Amy slowly made her way into the bathroom and into the shower.  The warm water made her feel a little better until she noticed that her breasts appeared to be filling with some kind of liquid?   Gently rubbing them gave her the feeling that they were full of milk?  And they were getting extremely sore!

How in the hell did this happen? She was saying to her self.   Then it hit her … the shot!   Somehow that formula that Marlene injected me with yesterday is doing this to me?   I've got to get ... Amy was saying until her breasts started to feel like they were going to burst!

I have to get these drained somehow … Amy was thinking.   But how? She thought Then the answer became clear … mom has one of those portable milking machines out in the barn … I can use that!

Wrapping her self up in a large bathrobe, Amy made her way out to the barn and over to the small machine.   Having used it several times in the past, Amy knew how to attach the vacuum lines to the pump.   Pulling over a small stool, she sat down and turned on the vacuum pump.   The next step scared the shit out of her, but she had no choice.  She took two of the milking tubes off of the rack … and one by one; she attached them both to her massive teats.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! She screamed out as the automating pulsations started.

While Amy was being whacked with waves of orgasmic pleasure from being milked, she failed to notice that her hips were slowly widening and were bulking up.   Next, her ass started to gain mass at an increasing rate.

Amy continued to moan loudly as the pulsations from the milking machine continued.  She was holding on to the sides of her stool for dear life as the tubes attached to the teats on her breasts continued to pulse on-off as they sucked out the milk from her enlarging breasts.

As this continued, Amy's thighs were also bulking up, and no longer resembled a normal human's thigh … they were looking more and more like normal Cow's thighs!   Four small bumps were developing on Amy's crotch just above her vaginal area, and another small bump was starting at her tailbone.

The milking machine's automatic pulsations were slowing down now, and Amy was slowly coming down from the strongest & longest orgasm she had ever achieved!

When the milking machine finally came to a stop, Amy was completely drained of her breasts milk load, and was completely drained physically!   She slowly removed the two milking tubes, and stood up to place them back on the rack.

Damn, why do my hips feel so funny? She said.   Slowly walking over to the rack, she places them back into their holders.   Shit! My nipples are extremely sore!  And they've grown larger!

Amy opened her bathrobe a little more and examined her larger breasts and teats.   Looking around, she noticed the large container of Udder Cream that her mother would sometimes us on Cow Teats.   She knew it contained a lotion that helped with sore Cow Teats … and her teats were extremely sore right now!

Reaching over to the pump on the top of the container, she pumped some into her right hand, and then started massaging the cream onto her left breast.   Relief came almost immediately as she slowly rubbed the cream in.   Next came her right breast.

As she sat there upon the stool relaxing, the nausea in her stomach returned with a vengeance, forcing her to bend over and hold her stomach.   What's happened to me now she screamed through clenched teeth!   Falling off of the stool onto the barn floor, Amy found herself writhing on the floor.   Her organs felt like they were on fire as she felt them shifting positions inside of her.

The four bumps in her crotch were slowly growing larger, and a larger pink looking bulge was growing in size between her now widened hips.   Both of her ankles were extending outwards as her toenails were turning a blackish color.  Then her feet started to change appearance.  Her big toes were slowly moving upwards and away from the middle toes.  The remaining toes, two each separately, were morphing together into cloven hooves.  The bump at the base of her spine continued to grow outwards and was quickly developing into a Cows tail.

Amy could feel her ears were growing larger and longer.  Then her fingers started to cramp up … and as she watched they started to fuse together into cloven hooves just as her toes had done.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! She tried to scream, but the intense pain coming from her stomach caused her to double up again!

While Amy was doubled over on the floor, she could see that her skin color was changing to a pasty white, and black splotches were randomly forming across her body.

Amy's new Udder and four Teats were completing now, and she could feel her vagina slowly relocating behind of her.

The intense pain from her stomach area was slowly subsiding now, allowing Amy to roll onto her back and try to catch her breath.   As she lay there her bathrobe fell open and flopped to either side of her allowing her a full view of her new human sized udder sitting between her thighs.

Amy lay there for some time as she cried her self to sleep.

As Amy slept, her reproductive organs were shifting and changing.

Amy awoke hours later, and slowly tried to stand, but immediately fell back down onto her knees.   She slowly crawled over to a wash station, and while hooking her front hooves over the edge of the sink; she was able to pull herself up to a standing position.

Amy froze when she saw her reflection in the large mirror.   From her bloated stomach upwards, she was almost recognizable.   The transformation had not changed her shoulders, neck or face or head, but her skin color was white with random black patches all the way up to her hairline.   She still had her long hair, but she could see that there was the same black and white coloration extended onto her scalp.

Her breasts were huge, and her nipples looked just like a third pair of Cow Teats!   Looking further down her body, she now saw her new pink udder hanging between her large thighs.  She could see large blood vessels on the sides of it, and the four large Teats hanging from it.   She slowly lowered her right hoof and gently touched one of her teats with it … then quickly withdrew it in horror!

What the hell did that formula do to me! She cried   As Amy stood there mulling over the consequences of her newly changed body, her nose picked up the strange smell from the bullpens again.   This time, she started to breath it in deeply, and as she did, her body started to react to it again, but much stronger than the other day.   Her breathing was growing quicker, and she was becoming warm all over her body.   Her enlarged vulva was growing slick by the second.

Amy was going into heat!

Without thinking, Amy slowly walked on her new hooves as if she was born with them, out towards the bullpens.  Her bathrobe slipping off her body to the ground as she continued towards the two bulls. Ben and Jerry were just eyeing her as she approached their pens.

Amy's body was at a fever pitch as she approached the gate to Jerry's pen.   All that mattered to her mind now was to get to Jerry and quench the ever-growing heat that was building under her tail.   Amy walked over to the latch that held the gate closed and using her hoofed hand, pushed it off to one side allowing it to swing inwards.   She slowly entered the pen and strode up close to Jerry … all the while breathing in deeply his odor.

Jerry stood still for a while, and then let out a loud bellow, which snapped Amy out of her sexually, induced trance!

Amy stood there not 5 feet away from Jerry, and then she tried to turn and run back towards the gate, but fell flat onto her breasts and face.   Jerry went over to her, and stuck his large nose right under Amy's tail and continued to forcefully sniff her wet vulva.   Amy froze at this intrusion … hoping that if she lay perfectly still, Jerry might loose interest in her, and walk away?

No such luck!

When the new Cow did not respond to his overtures, Jerry started to violently nudge her to stand up and present her sex to him.   Amy had no intention of having sex with Jerry, but Jerry's nudging attempts were starting to really hurt, and she could not stand it for much longer.

Amy decided to try and stand and make a run for the gate.  If she could make it there, she might be able to close and lock it!

Amy readied herself for the 10-yard dash to the gate, but when she tried to stand upon her two cloven feet, Jerry was ready for her.   Amy tried to stand, but at the same moment, Jerry moved forward and slid over her, effectively blocking her escape.   This left Amy's huge ass up in the air, while she was stuck with her front hooves on the ground.

Jerry's huge penis quickly found its mark, and rammed part of the way into Amy's new vagina!

Nooooooooooooooooooooo Jerry!  Get the hell off of me!   Amy screamed.

Jerry paid no attention to the noise this new Cow was making as he continued to thrust into her.

Amy could do nothing to get from under Jerry … all of his weight had her pinned onto all four of her hooves.   As Jerry continued to plunge into her vagina, Amy could feel that she was about to orgasm, and she knew where that would lever her … possible pregnant!

Amy continued to try and shake Jerry of, when she had the strongest orgasm in her young life …. Nooooooooooooooooooo! She screamed as Jerry unloaded his seed inside of her vagina!

Amy almost blacked out as Jerry's seed was being pumped into her at a rate that her smaller vagina could never have handled.  Jerry continued for a short time, then pulled out of Amy, and walked away from her.

Amy continued to be shaken by her orgasm for a few minutes more as Jerry's seed poured from her vulva and down her legs.

Slowly Amy regained control over her swollen body, and managed to stand up onto her two legs.   As she did, more of Jerry's seed poured out of her body, and onto the ground.

As Amy started to slowly walk towards the open gate, Jerry beat her there and while using his larger body to block Amy's approach, accidentally pushed the gate closed with his behind … effecting penning her in.

From her hiding place near the barn, Marlene slowly walked over to the gate and latched it without Amy ever seeing her do it.    Told ya Amy, it's not nice to fool Mother Nature she said quietly as she walked back towards the barn, and off the farm.

With Jerry effectively blocking her escape rout, Amy decided to go to the fence away from Jerry.   Once there, she tried to climb the fence using her hooves, but failed miserably.  

Consigned to sleeping in Jerry's pen for the night, Amy curled up in the far corner away from Jerry, and tried to go to sleep, but her body was so sore from the mating all she could do was try to relax until morning.

Sleep finally over took her, and as she slept her body underwent further changes.   Her spine lengthened a little more to accommodate her 7 stomachs, and two horns sprouted from her forehead.

When Amy awoke, she saw that Jerry had moved away from the gate during the night.   This is my chance Amy thought.   As Amy tried to get to her hooves, she discovered for the first time, that she had slept just as a Cow would have … with her legs and arms underneath her body.

Jerry watched as Amy tried to stand again, only to see mass confusion on her face.

What the hell happened to me now? Amy screamed.   On trying to stand on her legs, she found that her hips would no longer work as they did the night before … she was forever stuck walking on her legs and hands!

Amy tried her best to walk towards the gate, but before she could get that far, Jerry was on top of her again.

Amy was far to tired to try and buck Jerry off of her this second time, and just allowed him to enter her vulva again.   Jerry bucked back and forth inside of Amy, and Amy could feel she was about to orgasm again, and then Jerry again filled her vagina with a huge amount of his seed.   This time there was so much, it was squirting out and around of his penis inside of Amy's vulva!

Jerry's interest in Amy was again satisfied, he dismounted off of her, leaving her shaken.

Petra had been trying to phone the house all morning with no results.  She was getting worried, and decided to drive a little faster on the narrow country roads.

Jerry finally stopped blocking Amy from the area around the gate to his pen, so she slowly went over to it just to find it was somehow closed.  WTF now! She demanded.

Amy even tried to use her head to pull it open, but again she failed!

Petra finally reached the house, and entered … Amy was nowhere to be found!   As she walked through the living room, she noticed an empty syringe lying on the floor near the flat screen TV.   Bending down, she carefully picked it up, and instantly recognized it … Amy, she yelled out?   Amy!!

Petra quickly went through the house from top to bottom, and found no sign of her daughter.   Quickly starting to panic, she ran out to the barn and started to search it.   She was puzzled to see the small portable milking machine was out, and next to an overturned stool.   Amy she screamed!

Petra then noticed what looked like Cows tracks leading out of and away from the milking machine, so she followed them out of the barn and towards the bullpens until she came across Amy's white bathrobe lying on the ground.   

Amy! She screamed again and again.   As she ran following the tracks, she noticed that Jerry was mating with a small odd-looking Cow inside of his pen?   Who in the hell placed a Cow in there?   And where did that Cow come from in the first place?

Amy & Jerry were in full orgasm for the fifth time as Petra was watching them from not that far away from the pen.

Jerry was just pumping his seed into Amy's vagina when she saw her mother running towards them.   Mom! She tried to yell, but she was hit by another powerful orgasm as Jerry continued to thrust into her.

Jerry was just dismounting Amy as Petra reached the pen.   Mom! Amy cried out, as she slowly walked over to the fence near her mother.

Petra just stood there frozen in her tracks … staring wide-eyed at this really odd looking Cow that had just called her mom!

As the Cow drew close to her, she noticed for the first time that it had human looking hair on its head … long human like hair that was the same shade as her daughter Amy's?

As Amy approached her mother, she called out again to her … mom?   Upon hearing this from the Cows mouth, Petra fainted, and hit the ground with a loud thud!

It was nearly Sundown before Petra opened her eyes again.   Looking around, she thought it had all be a daytime nightmare.  Then she noticed that Jerry had mounted the odd looking Cow again, and they were close to orgasm again.

Amy's body was really shaking this time, and she was feeling very different this time around as they mated.   Something felt very strange this time as Jerry was thrusting into her.  Her body was feeling and acting very differently now.   It felt like Jerry's penis was planting itself fully into her vagina now with each thrust!  Amy could feel she was building to the largest orgasm yet.   The feeling built to such a point, that Amy closed her eyes as they both came.   Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! She screamed out!

Amy's hooves had dug in as Jerry poured forth his load into her.   Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Amy screamed again, as for the first time, she felt the hot load hit deep within her vagina!

Petra was knocked out of her trance when she heard the loud moo come from the odd looking Cow, she raced over to the gate, and through the bolt open and entered the pen.

This was not one of her best moves … confronting a large bull as he is mating with his Cow, but she had to do something … anything to get the Cow out of his pen!

Petra ran toward the bull with wanton disregard for her own safety … waving her arms in the air, and screaming madly at Jerry.    Jerry was just dismounting from his Cow, and was caught completely by surprise by this mad human, and retreated to the far side of his pen.

Petra caught up to the Cow, and yelled … Amy, follow me quickly before Jerry recovers and comes after us.  At this, Amy followed her mother as fast as she could back to the open gate.   Amy and her mother were just through the gate as Jerry was starting to catch up to them.   As soon as Amy was through, Petra slammed the gate closed and locked the latch.

Jerry almost slammed into the closed gate at full speed, but was able to turn away in time.

A very badly shaken Petra led Amy back up to the barn, where she collapsed onto a stool near the portable milking machine.

Don't you say a fucking thing! Petra told the Cow.   Not one Damn thing!

Amy just nodded her head in response to her mother.

Petra sat there for some time with her eyes closed.

OK, I'm not sure if I can handle this! She yelled to the sky.   You, Petra pointed at Amy … do not move an inch until I get back … do you understand me!

Yes mother Amy replied.

Petra was shaking her head as she walked out of the barn.   Returning some time later, Petra had her digital camcorder and a camera mount in her hands.

Amy watched as her mother set up the camera mount some 5 feet away from her.

Amy Petra said.  I need to ask you allot of questions, and I want short, quick answers from you … OK?

Yes mother.

Petra turned on the camcorder and was slowly walking around her daughter's new form recording every aspect of body.

How did you get a hold of the syringes with the formula?

Marlene and Zilvara wanted to see the DVD of the test you did, so I took one of the copies and a box out of you're briefcase before you left on you're trip.

Damn it to hell young lady … do you have any idea of what you have done?

It wasn't my fault mother Amy pleaded.   Marlene had a shit fit when she saw what you're formula did to the Cow, and while my back was turned, she injected me with it in my ass!

Pointing the camera at Amy's face … Petra asked … why in the hell didn't you call me right away then?

I'm sorry mother, I did not think …

That's for sure, you did not think! Petra screamed.

Amy hung her head.

For over two long hours Petra asked all the questions of her daughter that she could think of all the while documenting everything with the camera.

After she finished her questions, Petra sat back on the stool, and just really looked at her daughter.   Her udder looked small compared to a normal Cows udder … her breasts were hanging from her chest, and her nipples were the same size as the teats on her udder.   Walking around to Amy's rear, Petra could still see the signs of Amy's mating's with Jerry.  Jerry's dried sperm coated Amy's rear, and legs.

Amy, Petra asked … why did you lock you're self in with Jerry?

I don't know how the gate was locked mom Amy said.  I tried to get out of Jerry's pen, but Jerry blocked the gate.

Petra though about this for a while.   You know Petra was saying … there is a very good chance you are now pregnant with Jerry's offspring young lady?

Yes mother said while still hanging her head.

Petra kneeled down to carefully inspect Amy's udder and breasts … she clearly needed to be milked.  Walking over to the portable milking machine, Petra inspected the contents in the holding tank.   This came from you're breasts? Petra asked

Yes mother Amy replied

How do you feel down there now?

My breasts are really sore, and my udder really feels weird.

OK … you will have to be milked … lets move you into the vacant milking stall over there.

Amy just nodded her head and followed her mother into the stall.   Amy patiently waited as her mother carefully inspected her teats, and then cleaned all 6 of them.   Amy was becoming extremely nervous as she saw her mother bring over the portable milking machine, and turn on the barn's larger milking machine.

Petra was trying to calm her daughter as she attached the 4 milking tubes to her udder.  Just try to remain calm dear her mother was saying as she attached two of  milking tubes from the portable to her breasts.   You are going to have to get used to this from now on dear Petra told Amy.   You are going to have to be milked at least twice a day for some time to come.

Amy, are you ready?

Yes she replied

Petra hit the switch on both machines, and the automatic pulsations started to drain her teats.

Amy closed her eyes as she moaned in pure pleasure … a low moooooooooooooooooooooo escaping her lips.

Upon hearing her daughter Moo, Petra broke down and cried!   Those bitches are going to pay for this! She declared.

When Petra reached the house, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed up a friend … Mark … I need you to come over to my home ASAP, I need a very large favor ………
Young woman pays for her mother's work in dealing with Dairy Cows
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ayshirebull Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015
Great story, I felt like I was there, I was Jerry
capricornamy Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
LegendCatcher Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Next day:
(knocking on the door)
Zilvara's mother: Honey, open the door will you pls.
(Zilvara opens the door)
Government Agents: Hi, We're from the Government. You have been suspected to asiist a person named "Marlene" inject a person with a syringe meant for cows. Will you come with us pls. ?
Zilvara: Uh oh
LegendCatcher Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Next day:
(knocking on the door)
Zilvara's mother: Honey, open the door will you pls.
(Zilvara opens the door)
Government Agents: Hi, We're from the Government. You have been suspected to asiist a person named "Marlene" inject a person with a syringe meant for cows. Will you come with us pls. ?
Zilvara: Uh oh
willtheminor Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
really bad grammar hard to read. other than that pretty good.

tf-mistress Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Amazing! Inspires me to write more
efaduck Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Best Tf story I have read
dillweedh Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
I live on a ranch. Errors I found
1. Cows have 4 stomachs
2.Bulls don't release a pheromone
3.A bull will only mate a cow one time when she is in heat.

Other than that it was a good story. Really good plot. all in all good job
capricornamy Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Thanks for the info ... I was only able to find some info as I was working on the story :)
LeakyMilky Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student General Artist
very well thought out, the second chapter could have been a little longer but both are still good. if you need help i could offer some assistance. keep up the good work
capricornamy Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
Thank you :)

I was not to sure if it should have been shorter, or longer ... I might just take you up on you're very kind offer.
LeakyMilky Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student General Artist
no problem, always happy to help out another with stories like this. be sure to read mine as well~
capricornamy Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
I will, thanks :)
Kamackazi Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Little rough aroundthe edges , but nicely don as far as the actual transformation goes.
capricornamy Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Thank you :)

This is my first story, and hopefully anything new will improve
Osprey-Hawk Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
It's nice, but it needs proper quotation mark placements. There doesn't seem to be any at all.
capricornamy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Dyslexia can be a real ....., so I am lucky to even have something reable at all :(

Thank you for you're comment :)
Forfit1138 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
I really enjoyed this story :D
capricornamy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
(:^>) Thank you so much!

This was my first attempt at writing ... Pt2 will be soon
Forfit1138 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
No problem :)
I'm looking forward to part 2.
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